2017 Drag Racing Nationals Recap

Battle of the Imports and Domestics, February 3-4th, 2017...


What a fun weekend it was! A lot of you remember Project Beta from 2004. It was black then and Dr. Charles drove it then too. It's still the original Beta, 1999 Accura Integra. We changed color scheme and graphics, we added fiberglass on the front, but from the doors to the back, Beta is exactly the same. Honestly, we all were a little nervous, it’s been a few years since we’ve been to the track. We did not run like we wanted but the crowd support and the people coming by the pits kept us going. There were a lot of inquiries about Beta, a lot of you were asking what’s the HP, what clutch, what trans, etc. A lot of you had no idea that Beta is naturally aspirated.

Hopefully, these specs will answer your questions:

165 cubic inches
Custom Skunk2 spec Pistons
Custom Skunk2 spec Rods – we use Aluminum and we use Steel
Custom Skunk2 dry sump oil pan
Custom Skunk2 stepped header
Skunk2 Race rockers
Skunk2 stainless valves intake and exhaust
Skunk2 Titanium retainers
Skunk2 porting on the cylinder head
Off the shelf BMF Camshafts
Kinsler ITB’s
Kinsler belt drive fuel pump
Peterson dry sump oil pump
Motec M800 Ecu
Grams Injectors
Grams fuel pressure Regulator
Tilton Carbon / Carbon clutch
PPG 4 speed dog box transmission


We are still in the R&D stage, feeling and testing the car, getting used to the new team, and figuring out ways to work together on the track; without stepping on each other's toes. We are going to be the fastest and quickest naturally aspirated front wheel drive Honda.

It seemed that the weather hindered spectator traffic. It rained the day before with little to no racing. Luckily on Saturday, the weather cleared out and the biggest highlight for us? Racing Shilo and his small block, Mopar engine Dodge Dart, one of the fastest naturally aspirated small blocks in California. A lot of American muscle car lovers couldn’t help but talk smack about Beta, but once they saw the distance Dr. Charles put between Beta and Shilo’s Dodge, the crowd was silenced in awe, unable to believe their eyes. Our Honda was very quick at 9.20. Dr. Charles had a good talk with Shilo after the race wishing each other good luck in the races to come.

Welcome to Auto Club Dragway

Welcome to Auto Club Dragway!



Getting ready for the first pass of the day.


It is unbelievable how much support we felt for the program and our brand this weekend.

DragRacingFontana2017_S2_08 DragRacingFontana2017_S2_09 DragRacingFontana2017_S2_10 DragRacingFontana2017_S2_11 DragRacingFontana2017_S2_12

Doing some maintenance work, checking engine and talking to the fans.

DragRacingFontana2017_S2_13 DragRacingFontana2017_S2_14

Even the little ones were happy to visit our booth and get “Skunk2” stamped and be part of the team.


We had a few items in the giveaway.


We spotted Pekpek Juice from Team Lightspeed Racing rocking our race manifold.


JUJU Built Engineered Performance showed off our cold air intake.

DragRacingFontana2017_S2_18 DragRacingFontana2017_S2_19 DragRacingFontana2017_S2_20

Waiting to do a second pass.


Dave is happy to see his baby project in action.

DragRacingFontana2017_S2_22 DragRacingFontana2017_S2_23

Dr Charles and Gary Kubo chatting.

DragRacingFontana2017_S2_24 DragRacingFontana2017_S2_25 DragRacingFontana2017_S2_26

Those minutes before the pass are the most nerve-wracking.


Beta in action.

DragRacingFontana2017_S2_28 DragRacingFontana2017_S2_29 DragRacingFontana2017_S2_30

After every run, we had a large number of people come over to see the team working on Project Beta.

Thank you, everyone, for your support! There will be more to come this year. Stay connected!